MentorWorks Education Capital is Providing Income Share Agreement (ISA) Financing to Assist Students in Stack Education Skill-development Bootcamps


MentorWorks Education Capital is providing Income Share Agreement (ISA) financing to assist students in Stack Education skill-development bootcamps in a partnership announced today.

MentorWorks is well positioned to create a lasting impact in the student financing space as more students are looking for alternative ways to pay for their education. MentorWorks is providing Income Share Agreement (ISA) financing to Stack Education students who are looking to enhance their coding skill sets and career prospects while adding in MentorWorks’ wrap-around career support services with connections to employer partners to ensure that students are set up for success.

MentorWorks COO and VP of Marketing Micha Sabovik said, “The combination of career support and ISA funding is powerful. To our knowledge we’re the only company in this space that offers this hybrid “fund and support” model to current college and non-traditional students. We have a strong network of employer partners, higher education collaborators and industry leaders who are working with us to propel this model forward to help students, educators and employers.”

Students view the MentorWorks program as a synergistic finance and career support mechanism. One prior MentorWorks student, who recently got a job at a Wall Street company, stated, “I quickly learned the importance of having a strong network. As my network and experience grew stronger, I was able to narrow down my aspirations and my motivation to reach my goals earned me countless recognition in the workplace. I really wanted to express my gratitude and share my happy news [of employment]. I strongly believe I owe a piece of this achievement to the mission and execution of the MentorWorks program.”

Stack Education believes “that learning is continuous, contagious, and that knowledge should be accessible to all.” Stack Education empowers colleges & universities to offer industry-driven, industry-taught courses, helping students of all ages learn the skills and earn the experience they need for the modern economy. In this newly signed agreement, MentorWorks is partnering with this outstanding organization and helping students move forward in their careers without accumulating additional education loan debt.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with MentorWorks for ISA funding,” said Peggy Yu, Stack Education CEO. “This unique funding option will ensure more students have access to the skill development they need for the future economy and receive additional career support after taking one of our many bootcamp programs.”

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