MentorWorks Education Capital Provides Income Share Agreement (ISA) Funding for the Tuck Business Bridge Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth


MentorWorks Education Capital Provides Income Share Agreement (ISA) funding for the Tuck Business Bridge Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in a partnership announced today.

MentorWorks Education Capital is providing Income Share Agreement (ISA) financing to Tuck Business Bridge Program students to complete this innovative program without incurring up-front tuition costs. This ISA program is open to rising seniors, current seniors and students who have already completed their undergraduate programs.

“We’re thrilled to bring Tuck Bridge and MentorWorks together to combine our ISA financing with our career enhancement and networking platform to provide access for these terrific students to our career advisors and employer partners,” stated Micha Sabovik, COO and VP of Marketing for MentorWorks. “Additionally, students who meet the program’s standards and return as mentors earn repayment discounts and continue to access MentorWorks’ professional networks for their professional lifetimes. This is a unique solution that addresses the student debt crisis through a novel “fund and support” model.”

Students view the MentorWorks program as a synergistic finance and career support mechanism. One prior MentorWorks student, who recently got a job at a Wall Street company, stated, “I quickly learned the importance of having a strong network. As my network and experience grew stronger, I was able to narrow down my aspirations and my motivation to reach my goals earned me countless recognition in the workplace. I really wanted to express my gratitude and share my happy news [of employment]. I strongly believe I owe a piece of this achievement to the mission and execution of the MentorWorks program.”

MentorWorks internal models show that the Tuck Bridge program creates a 30% increase in salary, on average, for students who complete this program. This is a powerful endorsement of the value and career impact of the Tuck Bridge program. MentorWorks is dedicated to supporting programs such as Tuck Bridge that make a substantial difference in the career outcomes of students.

“Our new partnership with MentorWorks aims to expand the financing opportunities available to our excellent Business Bridge candidates; many of whom would not be able to attend the Bridge program without an ISA option,” Lisa Tedeschi, Director of Undergraduate Programs at Tuck Bridge said. “We are thrilled to open the door to even more wonderful students to experience the Bridge program and our program alumni network then we have been able to in the past.”

About the Tuck Business Bridge Program

The Tuck Business Bridge Program, held at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, provides essential business skills while offering the hands-on training of an internship with the classroom experience of a world-class business school, giving you the tools to launch your career.

Designed for top liberal arts, science, and engineering students, the Tuck Bridge program delivers a comprehensive business curriculum taught by Tuck’s top-ranked MBA faculty, a capstone team project, recruiting, and one-on-one career guidance. Students will become comfortable in key areas such as financial accounting, marketing strategy and tactics, managerial economics, business decision making, corporate finance, and more.

The Tuck Bridge program sessions are offered in December, June and July. Visit the Tuck Bridge website for more information regarding this program or email

About MentorWorks Education Capital

MentorWorks Education Capital provides Income Share Agreement (ISA) financing which enables students to complete their program without incurring up-front tuition costs. ISAs are an alternative to loans with which approved students will have their tuition paid and then will pay a percentage of their future income for a fixed period of time, up to a maximum cap without incurring interest. Uniquely, MentorWorks also provides career development support, mentoring and access to employers.

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