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What is Northeastern University’s Career Accelerator Studio in Data Analytics?


Thinking about data analytics bootcamps? Worried about quality and job outcomes? Check out this certificate program offered through Northeastern University’s top-ranked business school.

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The Career Accelerator Studio (CAS) is the ideal education program for someone looking to make a career change to data analytics, or wondering how to start a career as a data analyst. Data analytics is a high growth field, with a promising, high-reward career path.

A career change with no experience can be more difficult to come by than job seekers might think, which is why Northeastern University opened its doors with this certificate program that offers focused content and an experiential curriculum in introductory programming, math, statistics, machine learning and coding. It also offers the opportunity to work on live projects, providing practical, real world experience to students.


What are highlights of this Data Analytics certificate program?

  • Offered by a top-ranked business school – Employers associate Northeastern University with high-quality education. It is a well established and reputable school.
  • Access to Northeastern University’s Library – Students are granted full access to Northeastern University’s library resources.
  • Industry relevant skills and badges – Students have the opportunity to earn “badges” (micro-credentials) for AWS, Salesforce, and Tableau – which are widely sought out by employers as necessary skills for data analysts.


What are the results? Will a certificate in Data Analytics help me find a job?

MentorWorks, an education and career access company, recently published an article which found that there’s a “strong indication” that programs like this are just what employers are looking for on resumes.

Recruiters can consider programs like CAS to be a serious qualifier for applicants, as these programs prepare job seekers for the data analyst positions they require.


Are there job placement or career services?

The program additionally uses MentorWorks’ Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP), which has 40+ hours of career development content and career coaches that support students through the program, their first data analytics position, and beyond. The TAP modules provide advice and practical exercises covering all aspects of getting market-ready for the next step in your career including:

  • How to design a career search strategy
  • Effective crafting of your resume and cover letter
  • Social media job hunting practices and networking
  • Interviewing and interpersonal skills
  • Job offer and salary negotiations


How long is this Data Analytics program?

The program has both part time and full time options:

  • Full-time has a total program time of 12 weeks.
    • 6 hours of program time per day.
      • The 6 hours is split into 3 hours of instruction by a live instructor and then 3 hours of assignments.
    • Students have access to instructors and advisors for advice and help.
  • Part-time can be completed in 25 weeks
    • Commitment of at least 12 hours per week.
      • Part-time does not have a live component, but students have access to live instructors for support and office hours
    • Part time students are able to study on their own time using recorded lectures.


How much does this Data Analytics program cost?

The total cost of the program is $17,000. Here’s how it’s broken down:

  • $500: Pre-Program Bootcamp
    • This part of the program is the preparatory part, designed to prepare students for the more detailed program by learning basic concepts of analytics and programming.
  • $16,500: The remainder of the full length program afterwards.


Referencing MentorWorks’ recent article again, other bootcamps, not necessarily from brand name universities, can be between $15,000 to $25,000. University costs can be anywhere from $25,000 to $75,000 a year for two to four years.

The CAS offers a market competitive education with free career support, consider this info:


Program contact information:

Phone number to contact: 857-371-2525
Email to contact: