Electrician Skills to Highlight to Employers for Residential Electricians


Are you an electrician with residential experience looking to expand your career skills and stand out in the job market? Adding certain skills to your resume can help you land higher-paying jobs and differentiate yourself from other applicants. In this article, we explore a list of key-phrases mentioned in job descriptions for electricians with residential experience and provide insights on how you can use these skills to boost your career.


  • Residential experience is an excellent foundation for an electrician’s career growth.
  • Electricians with residential experience can highlight skills like installation and wiring to their skill set to increase their job prospects.
  • Electricians can further develop their expertise in troubleshooting, blueprint, and maintenance.
  • Adding these additional skills to their resumes can help electricians stand out to employers and advance their careers in the electrical industry.

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If you’re an electrician with residential experience looking to advance your career, it’s important to constantly add new skills to your arsenal and to highlight them to employers. One way to do this is by taking note of the key-phrases mentioned in job descriptions for electricians with residential experience, and focusing on adding these additional skills to your resume.

We analyzed a sample of 117 electrician job descriptions and compiled key-phrases that are in the job descriptions. We find that when “residential” occurs in a job description as a key phrase, other commonly occurring key-phrases include commercial, installation, repair, wiring, and commute. By adding these skills to your resume, you can showcase your versatility as an electrician and stand out from other applicants. Details of this data are presented in the table below

Table 1: Key-phrases That Are in Electrician Job Descriptions That Also contain “Residential” as a Key-phrase

Key-phrase Percent of jobs that also list residential as a key-phrase Average salary for positions
commercial 69% $75,286
installation 45% $75,612
repair 43% $72,973
wiring 43% $68,443
commute 37% $71,889
blueprint 37% $70,248
troubleshoot 27% $79,099
maintenance 27% $65,641
hand tool 24% $77,215
driving 24% $69,255
industrial 22% $78,230
circuit 22% $67,278

By incorporating these key-phrases and additional skills into your resume, you can showcase your versatility and increase your chances of landing the job you want. Remember to always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the electrical industry, and be sure to highlight your experience and accomplishments in your resume.

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