Things to Remember When Considering a Skilled Trade Job Position



Introduction: Are you an skilled tradesperson looking for a new job? Want to know what types of jobs are in high demand? In this blog, we’ll explore what skilled tradespeople look for in an employer. From education benefits to flexible working arrangements, we’ll dive into the factors that impact their job search and decision-making process.


  • 58% of experienced skilled tradespeople are looking to move to another job.
  • 30% of those not looking to move would consider another employer that provides education benefits.
  • Education benefits seekers prioritize tuition discounts for skilled trades certifications (74%), degrees (65%), and tuition reimbursement by employers (58%).

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Skilled tradespeople actively seek new career opportunities as the job market evolves. Recent data shows that 58% of them are looking to switch jobs. But what are they looking for in their next employer? Let’s take a closer look.

Education Benefits: A Top Priority

Education benefits are a crucial factor for skilled tradespeople when considering job opportunities. A significant 30% of them would consider moving to another employer if provided with education benefits, even if they are not actively looking for a new job. This highlights the importance of educational opportunities in attracting and retaining skilled tradespeople in the workforce.

Skilled tradespeople have specific preferences when it comes to education benefits. The data indicates that they highly value tuition discounts for skilled trades certifications, with 74% of education benefits seekers expressing interest in this type of benefit. Additionally, 65% of skilled tradespeople are interested in tuition discounts for degrees, showing their desire for ongoing learning and professional development. Interestingly, only 58% of education benefits seekers are interested in tuition reimbursement by employers, similar to the preference of non-education seekers.

This data suggests that skilled tradespeople are looking for employers who prioritize and invest in their ongoing education and development. They highly seek tuition discounts for certifications and degrees, indicating a keen interest in obtaining additional skills and qualifications to advance their careers.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

In addition to education benefits, skilled tradespeople also value flexible working arrangements. This indicates that achieving a healthy work-life balance is important for skilled tradespeople, as they often work in physically demanding roles.

Career Development Opportunities: Investing in Growth

Career development opportunities are highly valued by skilled tradespeople, with 67% expressing interest in such opportunities. This includes opportunities for clear growth opportunities within the company and pathways to increase their worth to employers by gaining skill, experience, and education.


In conclusion, experienced skilled tradespeople are looking for jobs that offer education benefits and career development opportunities. Tuition discounts for certifications and degrees are particularly attractive, as they provide opportunities for ongoing learning and skill development. Employers who prioritize and invest in the education and development of their skilled tradespeople are likely to attract and retain top talent in this competitive job market. To learn more about the job search process in the skilled trades, you can read our blog on Effective Strategies for Job Searching.

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